It is estimated that over 1 billion people are studying English today, and it is likely that 2 billion or more would like to improve their fluency with the language. However, not many sites offer an organized, interactive, and fun way to learn English.


That is where English.US comes in. As our website name indicates, our site is a domain for anyone who wants to learn English, regardless if they are a kid, teenager, or an adult. While there are other websites that have extensive information about learning ESL, what makes those on English.US unique is the high level of interactive functionality and the sense of community it provides for site members. We will also have appealing segments for those interested to learn Business English, Travel English, Academic English, Social/Dating/Flirting English, etc.


On English.US, members can create their profile, publish educational articles, videos, or audios (for those signed up as teachers), post forum messages, comment on any content, participate in a public chat room, and have private one-on-one chats with other members, follow English.US in various social media accounts, invite friends to join in the fun… and much more! So you see, no other ESL site has the interactive and community features available on our site.


English.US also has a unique points program, with members receiving points for interacting on the site. Top points earners are then listed prominently in the site and may be eligible to participate in special prize contests, too.


In addition to all the fun interactive and community features, English.US users can also find information on various ESL resources like schools and teachers directory, seminars and trainings, books and magazines, dictionaries, downloads, podcasts, translation services, online translations, and more.


Truly, English.US is the interactive community site where the world learns English!