different sounds in english (ipa)


This chart contains all the sounds(phonemes) used in the English language.For each sound it gives:

ʌcup, luck
ɑ:arm, father
æcat, black
emet, bed
əaway, cinema
ɜ:ʳturn, learn
ɪhit, sitting
i:see, heat
ɒhot, rock
ɔ:call, four
ʊput, could
u:blue, food
five, eye
now, out
say, eight
go, home
ɔɪboy, join
eəʳwhere, air
ɪəʳnear, here
ʊəʳpure, tourist
bbad, lab
ddid, lady
ffind, if
ggive, flag
hhow, hello
jyes, yellow
kcat, back
lleg, little
mman, lemon
nno, ten
ŋsing, finger
ppet, map
rred, try
ssun, miss
ʃshe, crash
ttea, getting
check, church
θthink, both
ðthis, mother
vvoice, five
wwet, window
zzoo, lazy
ʒpleasure, vision
just, large

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March 8, 2016

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