3 Ideas For Teaching English With Technology


by Anna


That wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that technology has changed my work and lifestyle. It has dramatically expanded my horizons and it has helped me to become much more efficient. At the same time it has eased my work and has made it more creative and varied.

That’s exactly what I would like technology to do for ESL students – make the process of learning a language much more enjoyable and efficient… Continue reading about using technology to teach English on the link provided.

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2 Responses

  1. alberto paz posse says:

    Being as it is that the English phonetics is so different from Spanish, the main difficulty of English spoken is that the student knows the written word but does not recognize the audio version. For this problem digital technology can make an interesting contribution.

    • Alberto,

      You’re absolutely right in your analysis. I totally agree that technology has made it easier for many of us to recognize written English and its audio equivalent better.

      Looking forward to hear more sensible comments from you! :-)

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